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Route description Lysohorský UltraTrail 2022 -  67km + 4100m


Are you already looking forward to the race and do you want to prepare for it properly?  

So let's get to it.  

From the KAM MALENOVICE complex, take a short loop around the car park at Rajská bouda and head for a slight climb along the road  “Ke Korýtku” and then the yellow tourist sign leading to the Lukšinec crossroads, where you will connect to the red tourist sign leading to the top of Lysá hora.  

You have the first peak behind you and at your feet climbed about 900 meters. From the top you converge shortly along the driveway between the tourist huts and further along the SE ski slope. At the end of the ski slope, you will connect to the red tourist sign, which will take you to the crossroads of Ježanka. Several paths meet here and you will go just behind the signpost, which you will have on your right, on the right to the green sign leading to the forest. A forest trail after approx. 600 m a short distance (approx. 50 m) you will run on a paved road and turn again from the road to the left side above the road further along the green mark. There is not much going on in this part of the Beskydy Mountains, so it can be overgrown. The green sign will take you through undulating terrain and a short climb to the Smrkovina crossroads, where you will follow a wide path to the left along the yellow sign to the White Cross crossroads. Here, turn sharply to the left along the blue sign and back down to the Ježany crossroads.  From Ježany the same way you ran for the first time from LH, but this time up. You follow the red signs to the bottom of the SE ski slope and along the walkway around the lift for the second time to the top of LH.

Uh, about half the route is behind you, and we're going to the second long run. From the top of LH, head north along the "footpath" (the dumbest stacked stone footpath in the world) of the former northern slopes marked with a yellow marked hiking trail. Please follow this path, although you will definitely notice many shortcuts. Save the hardware (feet) you can burn it under the piste. After about 100 meters from the ski slope is the first signpost Malchor and you continue straight on the yellow to the village Krásná. As soon as you run down the asphalt road, you will turn sharply to the left behind a small bridge. If you cross the big bridge to the main road, you have crossed it and you have to go back to the smaller road and continue slightly uphill. You pass four cottages on your right and turn sharply right above them. The path will turn into such a temporary panel and will lead you uphill. You keep holding the panel. You pass a forest road leading uphill to the left, but you still stick straight to the blockboard, which then turns into such worse asphalt. The road slopes slightly. You are going around other chats. This section is about 2 km, as soon as the road starts to turn left, you will immediately reach a crossroads, where you will go down the hill to the right. You will come across a wider path with a green tourist sign pointing uphill to the left.  Keep to the green mark, even if you cross many forest paths. The green sign will take you to the spacious Kyčera-sedlo crossroads where the green sign turns red in the direction of the hill over Muroňka to the top of Kykulka. You will run from Kykulka to the crossroads near Ivančen and continue slightly uphill along the blue sign to the already known crossroads below Malchor. After 150 meters you leave the blue mark to climb the yellow marked northern slope for the third time to the top of LH.  

From Lysá hora you will set off again to the beginning of the SE ski slope, but right after the first 80 meters, when you come across a road, you will turn right. Follow the road to the first turn, where you leave the road and turn slightly right onto the yellow sign. A technical convergence awaits you, first with a narrow sidewalk, which widens after a few kilometers. A slightly sloping traverse will take you to a steeper part where  please follow the mark, even if you see a shorter track. You run into the saddle below Čupl and continue along the yellow sign in a slight incline. After about 1.5 km, the yellow sign jumps left into the forest. It's a little hidden, so don't run over it. After a steeper run, you will come across a traverse along the contour line, which will take you to a wider path, where you leave the yellow sign and head sharply to the right along a sloping sidewalk. After almost two kilometers you will reach the asphalt road, which you will go down. On the bigger road, turn right and a little further behind the bridge, turn right again onto the blue sign. The road leads you between the cottages to the Mazák valley. Keep to the blue mark at the Butořanka crossroads. Here you will connect to the red sign pointing right up. It is such a Lysohorská D1, along which many people flow from Ostravice to LH. You will also be led there by the still red-marked path, the part of which you ran past the Lukšinec crossroads right at the beginning of the race.  

    You are on Lysá hora and for the fourth time today  you just have to run to the finish line. The gathering is spiced up by a short climb on Kykulka, but one after the other. From LH you will go again to the northern slope with the stupid sidewalk, but at the crossroads below Malchor you will turn left following the blue sign. Under the mound Ivančena you leave the blue sign and ascend along the red to Kykulka. From the top of Kykulka you will follow the green sign at the Tanečnice crossroads. Here, the green sign turns sharply to the left to the Hradová crossroads, where you connect to the blue sign, which will take you along a short asphalt run to the crossroads, where you will follow a marked path to the KAM hotel grounds. You will go around the hotel through its parking lot to a grassy meadow with the final finish corridor, where you will be greeted by crowds of fans :)

Enjoy it!

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