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 About the Race 

LHUT is a cross-country race for all lovers of mountain running in the massif of Lysá hora, the queen

Moravian-Silesian Beskydy Mountains.

The route leads along beautiful marked hiking trails, thanks to which you have a unique opportunity to see

Bald mountain from all sides of the world.

The race is organized with the active support of Lysohora hunters in cooperation with the LČR and PLA.

The idea and goal of the race is to operate human movement in nature along tourist signs and trails

intended for that. For this purpose, the organizers of LHUT created, even before the birth of this event, an ethical

codex of the Beskydy runner. His goal is just to emphasize what we runners automatically follow.

We want to promote the points of the code among ordinary tourists and the general public so that they too these points

they accepted and respected them.

With your registration, each of you will contribute 100 CZK to a joint project that you will support

nature conservation on Lysá hora.

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